How to Attract More Clients and Grow your Translation Business…Part 1

  This week’s post is inspired by those small to medium size translation service providers that represent the lion’s share of the translation industry. When do you worry about finding new clients?  Odds are it’s when it’s too late. That’s not surprising. Given the deadlines you have for existing clients, new business often goes on […]

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The Remote Translation Service Provider

  Why remote work might just unleash your translation business’ full potential and help you have more control over work/life balance. In the language industry, working remote has been the norm rather than the exception.  In honor of this week’s hot business book, “Remote, Office Not Required”  we’ll discuss exactly how to set yourself up […]

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The Subcontracting dilemma….

A translator confessed… “I’ve worked hard to build up a loyal client base, but I don’t always have the bandwidth to satisfy all my clients needs…” And my response was, “What a great problem!”  I didn’t realize what the implications were… The translator then when on to explain the real dilemma.  They wanted to keep […]

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The Largest Industry Most People Have Never Heard of…

What’s everywhere and a part of everything- but virtually invisible? The Language Services Industry!  The majority of the industry is made up of freelance professionals. The Language Services Industry includes but not limited to interpreting, translation, localization, and the accompanying technologies – is worth $33 billion globally!  (According to the Common Sense Advisory) Whenever I […]

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Should I Fear Competition in the Translation Industry?

Should I Fear Competition? I would get the most disturbing feeling in my gut whenever another translation service provider popped up in my town. For the longest time- I would really lose sleep over it! It’s human nature to respond with fear. Fear of the unknown. I never understood why this tangible feeling would rise […]

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Translation Business: How to Forecast Capacity and Grow Successfully

“Translation Agencies are bound by the limitations of their linguists.” Last week I wrote about forecasting cash flows.  This week we’ll dig a bit deeper into how to forecast as a translation agency.  The bottom line is always cashflow- but in order to get there we must consider all the moving parts/infrastructure of a translation […]

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Cash Flow Tips for Freelance Translators

    Or for Freelancers… NO MONEY… MO’ PROBLEMS Your independence as a freelancer comes with a cost. Like it or not, you shoulder the risks that come with running a business. And unlike a full-time job, there’s no guarantee of 2 week pay period. Mastering cash flow — and ensuring that you can afford […]

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Languages of the World

Languages Online in 2013

  Image Credit Smartling  

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Pay it Forward

The Golden Rule of Working in the Translation Industry….whether Translator or Translation Agency

“”People work with people they like? or “It’s the small things that make a big difference.” Sound familiar? The language industry today is very much orientated around people. We can’t get away from this. It takes people to find the translation work, takes people to project manage, and finally takes people to do the actual translating and […]

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Getting Paid

5 Best-Practices for Avoiding Non-Paying Clients…and what to do when they don’t pay

“I love doing billing, invoicing, and collecting unpaid debts.” – said NO ONE EVER   We wanted to share 5 ways we’ve seen to help ensure you get PAID! Covering your bases from the start: 1. All New Clients Require a 30-50% Deposit to begin 2. Prepare a very detailed quote and require a signature […]

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