5 Best-Practices for Avoiding Non-Paying Clients…and what to do when they don’t pay

“I love doing billing, invoicing, and collecting unpaid debts.” – said NO ONE EVER


We wanted to share 5 ways we’ve seen to help ensure you get PAID!

Getting Paid

Covering your bases from the start:

1. All New Clients Require a 30-50% Deposit to begin

2. Prepare a very detailed quote and require a signature on the purchase order

3. Long Term Projects- Require Monthly Installments


When they don’t pay and don’t respond:

4. Include a colleague as your de facto “collections specialist” to place a call for you.  See the script below.

This is “translators name/agency” collections representative, calling in reference to invoice xxx which is now “x # of days” overdue. To avoid further action on our part, please contact me to arrange payment as soon as possible. ”

At this point make it VERY easy for them to pay you like taking payment over the phone or via paypal.

5. A legal threat-  sometimes the simple thought of legal action can inspire the most stubborn of people.  This may be costly if you do have to go through with it- and many times collecting payment after you’ve won is impossible.



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