Add Instant Credibility Online For Your Translation Agency

People want to know who they are doing business with. Small businesses have a huge opportunity to be better than competitors just by being more real and being more personal.

-Laura Roeder, on why you should add a photo of yourself on your website


Your translation agency website or even freelancers should have a photo of who your are or who your team is.  (Including your social profiles….people don’t trust avatars)

I bet you’ve heard this before.

This is a way to help your clients distinguish who they are doing business with and help them connect.


However, most people don’t do this or shy away from it.  Including myself- which I will be changing throughout this site as well.

Remember in this industry- it’s people working with people…really important not to lose that authenticity.


Your Translation Agency is the biggest culprit

Get rid of those canned stock photos!

Change that stock photo….


Translation Agency Photo


For something authentic and fun.

Translation Agency team photo


Give it a try…share your websites below in the comments section below.



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Coffee addict. A naturally curious person with experience in marketing, business development, and translation. I'm inspired by technology and languages- particualarly how they intersect with one another. My family runs a small translation agency-which has inspired mundabla- a translation management system specifically for managing interpreting and translation workfow.

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    What if I’m fugly? might do more harm than good lol

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